Opera browser is a good old browser with the new look and innovative features. It works faster and better now. New themes, access to the webcam, customizable search –that’s just a small list of Opera characteristics. The interface has been modernized and made more user-friendly in the last version.

Opera blocks pop-ups, includes tabbed browsing which allows you to see all opened sites with search results in one window, and makes it possible to perform all operations with just several clicks. Download Opera browser free-of-charge and you won’t want to use another browser ever again.

Opera browser has not changed much, but it now has new features that you will like for sure. Interface has been modified for your convenience so you can use webpages in lieu of buttons and menus. Opera also supports extensions, has integrated search engine, password manager, voice interaction, and more. 

Distinctive features:

  • Access chosen sites with just one click by using Speed Dial;
  • Write your search questions right into the address bar;
  • Reopen the tabs that have been closed recently;
  • Sync any links online and open them on different devices;
  • Opera remembers the content of the pages you open, not just titles and addresses;

In the end, Opera is a powerful browser with modern and intuitive design, unique features, and high performance.  


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Iulia Gănescu, 28.03.2017
its really best....

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